Anglian Water – Sewerage for Bridgham

In July 2009 Bridgham residents raised concerns under the Water Industry Act (1991) that septic tanks in the locality were not working efficiently.

Anglian Water carried out an assessment of the conditions in the immediate and wider locality and determined that a new public foul sewerage system was required to alleviate environmental problems in the village.

The new sewerage system will give 99 properties in the village the opportunity to connect to a public sewer.

The new sewer being provided for the village is a gravity collection system. There will be three separate catchments each with its individual pumping station. The flows from the village will be collected at the central pumping station which will connect to the existing sewer network in East Harling.

Prior to construction Anglian Water will hold a open day to advise residents and answer questions about connecting to the new sewer.


398- the disposal main route into the East Harling catchment. The final discharge point will to a manhole on West Harling Road    cadscans398

399- the proposed gravity sewer network for the central catchment    cadscans399

400- the proposed gravity sewer network for the western catchment   cadscans400

401- the pumping station located on the south side of The Street at the western end of the village     cadscans401

402- the central pumping station located on the south side of The Street in the wooded area east of number 90    cadscans402

403- plan of the village showing, bounded blue, the first time sewerage Duty area – those properties within the Duty area will have the opportunity of a connection to the new sewer   cadscans403




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